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Rodrigo Vanwersch is an expert in the field of luxury due to his broad experience and knowledge. From a young age, he has managed to make contacts and create a high quality network so that he can always respond favourably to the requests of his customers, and with great finesse.

Rodrigo is always concerned with details and takes on all projects with great motivation. He knows how to analyze the different needs of people using his knowledge and know-how.


He was born in Brazil and brought up in Belgium, this has allowed Rodrigo to develop a double culture, and given him the invaluable ability to adapt to the varied professional activities that he has undertaken, and also to master several languages (French, Spanish, English, as well as some Russian).

His varied studies have been an asset to him, and they now allow him to master various professional and relational fields, having acquired important concepts in communication and law.

His long career as a top competitor in ballroom dancing started at the age of twelve and has continued with him representing different countries while also offering his services and skills as a choreographer and coach. All these experiences have enabled him to develop key qualities such as ambition, determination, perseverance, precision, reactivity to special situations, while giving him the opportunity to travel in more than seventeen countries, mainly in Europe. His passion for dance naturally steered him to creating a non-profit cultural association. He is also a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council, and this led Rodrigo to practice as a ballroom dance choreographer at the FADS, and production assistant in Broadway shows.

Rodrigo is a manager at heart, and he used all his knowledge gained from different situations to create his first business at the age of eighteen. He is now head of a luxury company in Belgium (RESPECT VICTORY CIRCLE) as well as an artistic production company (ROVAN PRODUCTION), whose services include everything that he has mastered over the last few years: management, artistic and cultural production, sports competition, event organization, and the provision of anything a client may request (from delivering the shopping to reserving a private jet).

He is also conscientious and deeply involved in all that he organizes, or in the tasks entrusted to him.



55200-000 Pesqueira,


Since 22.08.1992

4122 Plainevaux
Liège Province

Temporary resident

From 10.10.2014 to 10.08.2017

New York, NY 10019
Manhattan, New York


Since 17.09.2016 CEO – RESPECT VICTORY CIRCLE sprl

Since 05.02.2016 Freelance – Artists and Sports Agent

Since 2016 Shareholder in LVMH

Since 03.10.2015 CEO – ROVAN PRODUCTION scrl fs

Since 11.10.2010 President – ROVAN ASBL


Shareholder in LVMH

Member of CID – UNESCO


Member of the A.M.O.R.C.

Member of B19 Liège-Bocholtz

Professional Experience

2010 Production and Organization « 1st Official Reception of Young Talents » at the ARAPS of Seraing

2011 Production and Organization « Annual International Gala of the Arts » 1st edition - Chiroux Cultural Centre - Liège

2012 Production and Organization « Annual International Gala of the Arts » 2nd edition - Liège Congress Centre

2013 Production and Organization « Annual International Gala of the Arts » 3rd edition - Liège Congress Centre

2014 Production and Organization « Annual International Gala of the Arts » 4th edition - Liège Congress

2014 Co-producer of the novel « Le mystère de la chapelle du Pont » Volume 2 by Nathalie Gayou (FR)

2014-2015 Choreographer of Ballroom Dance at the FADS in Manhattan, New York (USA)

2014-2015 Production Assistant in Broadway Shows under MTEAF, in New York (USA)

2015 Production and Organization of show of « Yoni Garcin » mentalist Show at the Liège Congress Centre

2015-2016 Agent and Manager of Artists for PMP (BEL) / France 2 (FR) and for Césam Int. (Amiens FR)

2016 Production and Organization of concert by « Lââm » and 90s evening at Source O rama – Chaudfontaine

Artistic and Sports Career

2004 Started DanceSport (ballroom dancing)

2007 Started national competitions in DanceSport

2008 Competitor for Belgium

2008 Belgian Champion in Latin Dance cat. C

2008 Vice-Champion of Belgium in Standard Dances cat. C

2008 1st place in 10 dances at the International of Port La Nouvelle (FR)

2009 Started international competitions in DanceSport

2009 3rd in Belgian Championships of Latin Dance cat. Youth

2009 Semi-finalist of Benelux Championship in Latin Dance cat. A

2010 Started teaching ballroom dancing in Belgian clubs

2010 Champion of Belgium in Standard Dances cat. C

2010 3rd in Belgian Championships of Latin Dance Danses cat. A

2010 772nd place out of 5,000 couples in the world ranking of Latin Dance

2013 Competitor for Russia

2014 Competitor for the USA

2016 Competitor for France

2017 Quarter finalist in the French Cup at Mulhouse in Top Class

2018 Competitor for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


1995 Pre-school

1998 Primary at the ARAPS

2004 Secondary at the ARAPS

2010 Upper Secondary School Diploma (CESS) in General Studies + History

2010-2011 1st year Bachelor in « Communication » at HEPL

2011-2012 1st year Bachelor in « Law » at HEPL

2012-2013 1st year Bachelor in « History and Geography Teaching » at HEL

2013-2014 2nd year Bachelor in « History and Geography Teaching » at HEL

2012 « Basic Management » Certificate from the Central Jury of Brussels

2013 « Event Organizer » Certificate from the CFD of Brussels


French C2

English B2

Spanish B1

Russian A1


Belgium - France – Monaco - Luxembourg - Holland - Germany - Austria - Spain - Portugal – Italy - Switzerland - UK – USA - Brazil – Slovakia - Greece – Russia

17 Countries / + than 200 Cities / + than 900 trips